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Hi, I'm Gordon,

The moustache is no longer a feature of my upper lip but otherwise that's me photographing an event in Kensington last year. 


So I have been working as a photographer and film maker for many years but only last summer some friends of mine asked me to cover their wedding for them.


It was my first time and I loved it! It was such a privilege being invited close into the family on one of the most important days of their lives. I really enjoyed being around and capturing the joy and love that was almost tangibly present on the day. My camera has often taken me into unusual places and I loved being so intimately bound up with the event, enjoying and photographing them and the guests. Then after it was all over it really was an honour to be able to preserve the event for them in a series of images that will endure. 

Some weeks afterwards, when the images were all completed, Roly and Emily sent me a card thanking me for my part in their wedding day. The kind things they wrote stayed with me and gradually 'The Story of You and Me' grew as an idea in my mind. 

So here we are!

I am now available to photograph your wedding too. If you would like me to capture your wedding for you I will commit to putting both my photographic skills and human sensitivity into creating a set of images that will capture not just the external beauty of the event, but also the human element of bonding, love and joy. 

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Tel: 07760 557 819

Email: enquiries@thestoryofyouandme.co.uk

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