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Hi I'm Gordon, thats me on the left with a guest at a wedding I photographed last year. 


I have been working as a photographer for many years but I just started wedding photography two years ago. 

Two things struck me immediately when I started photographing weddings. Firstly, taking photos of weddings is fun (albeit sometimes a little intense) and secondly people need so much more from their photographer than just photographs. 

As a wedding photographer your right there in the middle of one of the most important days of peoples lives. It's a real privilege and I love being around and capturing the joy and love that is present on the day. But being so close to people you have just recently met requires having a certain sensitivity. The ability not be a distracting presence on this special day and being able to maintain a calm vibe when there are inevitable nerves in the air. 

I enjoy being with people through the journey that is their wedding day. Sometimes I'm way in the background to capture spontaneous moments but when its time, I find that having fun with the couple and guests helps to bring the best out in the photos. 

It's a great job. It's a privilege and a service, not so much a business. I only shoot a few weddings a year (up to 10) and this lets me enjoy the magic of each event. When I show up at a wedding I'm not really going to work, I'm going to help, to be part of the team to make it a great day for everyone. And of course to capture images that will be treasured for a lifetime.


So my goal is to create a set of images that will capture not just the external beauty of the event, but also the human element of bonding, love and joy. 

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