The job of a wedding photographer is not just about capturing the natural moments of joy and emotion throughout the day. It's more than taking shots of a happy couple looking gorgeous too. Being a wedding photographer is just as much about being someone who the couple and their guests are happy to be around on their big day, as it is about taking awesome photographs.


My photographic style has always been largely documentary, I am comfortable in the background and I'm good at blending in. From this place I love telling the story of the day with natural spontaneous images. I photograph people so naturally because they either forget I'm there or just feel relaxed enough around me to be themselves. It works great!  

Of course every couple wants great photos of the two of them looking gorgeous. The thing is that most people aren't super comfortable having their photos taken, they don't want to pose and they don't like being told how to stand. I get it. I believe it's through being ourselves and standing however want that we express our real nature. Capturing that nature, the persons "...ness", is to me, what makes a great photo.

My clients usually say to me that they just want to have the fun and spontaneity of the day captured. They don't want a photographer to make a big deal out of it. After all the days is about them and the family.


So that's what we do. No big deal. I'm about taking photos and when there's a pause in proceedings or a moment of good light, I give the couple an opportunity to take some nice couple shots. If they fancy it then off we go. If they would rather stay with their friends then thats fine too. 

Documentary style

"We want to say thank you so much for doing such an amazing job at our wedding."

Roland and Emily


and the rest of the world

I'm Brighton based but I'm happy to travel to your wedding.

Either nationally or internationally. 

Whats your story?

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